It’s Time to say “EFF Fine!”

“Now What?”

Have you ever said that to  yourself?


We have all had that moment in our lives when we’ve looked up and realized life feels like it is passing us by.

Something has shaken us up, kids off to college, the loss of a loved one or a change in our relationship status.

They are all triggers that make us take stock of our lives and ask:

“Am I really Happy, or am I just going through the everyday motions of life?”

Do you feel that way sometimes?  Is it time for a shift in your life?

Are you looking for More Clarity, Focus, Passion, Energy, Accountability, Meaningful Relationships, or hell just Want to feel BETTER Standing in your own Skin? And possibly have the best laugh you have had in a long time?


Then this program is for you.


We have researched, designed, written and produced: “The Alive Academy” with you in mind. Do you want to know why? Because we ARE You.

Here’s the golden ticket:

You have goals. You have desires. You may even have a plan.

But, in The Alive Academy, we provide support and guidance you need to make it happen.

This Revolution is creating a community of Alive Revolutionaries supporting each other collectively to get you where you want to go.

We look forward to being with you on this journey.

Academy Enrollment has closed for the summer, but we will be back soon. Be sure to click on the button below to receive notifications of our relaunch party!


The ALIVE Academy is built around the three most critical elements to creating change.


Every single week for 3 months a new module is offered with tools, tips, strategies and steps all laid out so you can create a personalized plan.


3 monthly live coaching calls when you can ask your most burning questions PLUS you not only get your questions answered but get to learn from other people’s questions too.


All day every day a virtual community has a place to gather – share idea’s, breakthroughs, resources and aha’s PLUS cheerlead and inspire you to be your best and most real self.

Membership to The ALIVE Academy includes:

  • 12 weekly self-directed courses you can do at your own pace.
  • 3 monthly LIVE coaching calls to deepen your own learning ask any questions
  • 12 weeks of accountability, mentorship, and support.
  • 12 weeks of templates, checklists and HO’s (Handouts) to keep you on track
  • 12 weeks of resources to deepen and support your journey
  • 12 weeks of 24/7 community encouragement in our private FB group


  • ALIVE ‘specials’ (guest interviews, bonus modules and VIP pricing for any other ALIVE events or programs)


Essentially… this is your time to BE fully ALIVE!

See what others are saying!

Academy Enrollment has closed for the summer, but we will be back soon. Be sure to click on the button below to receive notifications of our relaunch party!

What's Inside the Academy


Setting Yourself up for Success

In this module you will learn how to get the best out of your journey to becoming Fully Alive.
You will re-visit your Alive Audit and start taking steps towards better ‘self-care’

Clarity and Clutter

In this module you will be taking a snapshot of your life, what’s working, what’s not working and what you can do to start to clear the clutter (Self Sabotage) and start moving towards what you “Really Want” in your life.

Flying in the Face of Fear

In this module we will examine why we allow our fears to hold us back and keep us frozen in time. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

Common Road Blocks That hold You Back

In this module you will look at what we call the alive Trifecta, Self-Doubt, Self Sabotage and Self Shutdown. And we will give you simple tips to get you moving away from these self-defeating symptoms.

Blind Spots and Beliefs

In this module we will look at all the lessons you have learned over your lifetime that have lead you to believe what shows up in your life. We will ask the Dr. Phil Question: “How’s that working for you” and we will work with you on how to change the story so you can actually go after what you really want.

Phase 2 – ALIVE Essentials

Relationships made Easy-er

In this module you will learn how to deepen your existing intimate relationships, examine how to use feminine and masculine energy to open up to juicer conversations and all your desires. “Now I’m even blushing” It’s going to be great. We want you to create your relationships to be a 10/10

What’s with this Body of Mine?

In this module you will examine how you move, how you feel and create a plan around moving your body and creating the desires you want to feel in this vessel you have been given. Yes It’s time to Embrace the skin you are in.

Working Nine to Five

In this module you will look at the career path you are on, how it along with your financial health is helping create the life and lifestyle you desire. (We know you would rather talk about your sex life than your financial situation. That’s why we are going to liberate you) This may be the best module of the entire Academy. :o)

Accessing your Intuition

In this module you will learn the absolute power of pausing to hear yourself think. Learning how to trust yourself and your intuition more often and the power of what meditation can do for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

PHASE 3 –ALIVE Advanced

You are Enough – 3 Steps to Worthiness

In this module we will examine the difference between Self Esteem and Self-worth. How shame and not owning our emotions help us stay stuck feeling less than worthy. We will use positive affirmations to start to change how we think and show up in our lives.

Finding more Joy and Laughter in our everyday lives

In this module you will revisit your sense of humor, dust her off and start flexing that muscle again. Joy and laughter are essential to being resilient and it’s time you laughed more. We will give you simple tips on how to sprinkle joy and laughter into your everyday. For Free.

The Fastest path to More Peace in your Life - Forgiveness

Forgiveness is very simple, not always easy but very simple and we will show you how in this module. Spoiler Alert, this is for you. You will learn the steps on how to move through forgiveness in all parts of your life.

Choosing a Slice of the Planet (Contribution)

In this module you will look at how you are ‘giving back’ what areas in your life are you fired up about and how can you make a contribution to making this thing we call planet earth a better place to be.

The only real question is, are you ready to make this the year you will not just talk about being alive, pretending to be alive but actually BE ALIVE.

Academy Enrollment has closed for the summer, but we will be back soon.